Fold is the continuation of an ongoing study into the way materials can deceive. Presented as a collection of jewellery, each piece exhibits its own expressive potential through the folds and creases that make up its form. Materials deceive, with the hard metal and porcelain forms appearing to imitate the visual properties of another more supple material such as draped fabric or foam.

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Eschew the Obvious

Gentle undulations, sinuous drops and subversive ideas for the season ahead

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"It submerges us. We organise it. It falls to pieces. We organise it again and fall to pieces ourselves."

-- Rilke


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Completedworks x Ekaterina Bazhenova Yamasaki

Deceptively simple, yet soulful: a selection of ceramics designed for unexpected and irreverent floral arrangements

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“I rarely draw what I see, I draw what I feel in my body.”

-- Barbara Hepworth