Our jewellery is designed to be worn for a lifetime and so we’ve positioned our brand around the concept of slow fashion.  Alongside this ethos sits our commitment to protecting our planet and the people who contribute to our brand, informing every decision (however tiny) that we make.

We oversee every stage in the production of our jewellery and every piece is designed and hand-finished either in our studio or through one of our partner workshops.  We are in close contact with our suppliers and maintain a tight-knit production line so that we can ensure that both the environment and each person involved is treated respectfully and fairly.  We closely scrutinise the sourcing of each element of our jewellery, working with our suppliers to ensure that everything we purchase and produce aligns with the ethical values of our brand.

We are tirelessly dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment and market and are evolving towards achieving full sustainability across all of our product lines through, for example, use of eco-friendly materials (including recycled silver or gold), making products by hand and using limited productions to minimise waste.  As we continue to grow as a brand, these values will remain at our core