Completedworks is a fine jewellery brand based in London, UK. 

Seeking to use jewellery practice as a mediation of, and engagement with, the world as it is today and as it could be tomorrow, Completedworks' collections are each formed around a certain political or cultural observation. Stylised renditions on themes of societal collapse, faded civilisations, historical shifts are richly crafted using high-quality materials and traditional techniques.

Its avant-garde designs and conceptual approach have been noted by magazines such as Interview, Vogue, Wallpaper* and Vanity Fair, as well as being worn by celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Naomie Harris and auctioned in a contemporary designer sale at Christie's New York.

In 2015 Completedworks was selected to become part of the British Fashion Council's celebrated Rock Vault initiative, set up to 'showcase and promote Britain's most innovative, fine jewellery talent'. 

Completedworks was founded by Anna Jewsbury.


Artistic Director

As Artistic Director, Anna Jewsbury is responsible for developing collections and defining the brand’s vision and image. Having studied Mathematics & Philosophy, her aesthetic vocabulary is influenced strongly by reductionism, with a process drawing on the contrasts between high quality materials and purist elements.