Inspired by images of oppression recorded by journalists and protestors during the Tiananmen Square demonstration, Tank is a visual protest against symbols of violent control.


Floating Diamond Ring
18ct white gold, 0.28ct diamonds


18ct yellow gold, 0.292ct diamonds, South Sea Pearl


18ct yellow gold, diamonds




The collection carefully references the famous photograph from Tiananmen Square of an un-identified protester standing before a line of tanks. Developed against the backdrop of Russia's use of heavy weaponry in Ukraine throughout 2014, the pieces are additionally influenced by the continued use of tanks as symbols of oppression by hostile powers.

The designer's intention was to destroy a tank with a South Sea pearl and have the piece of jewellery rise out of that. Transposing the naturally formed pearl against the tough and destructive metal of the tank, the designer flips the force of the two - reimagining the pearl as more solid and forceful than the metal.







Prior to developing the pieces as wearable jewellery, each crushed tank started as a miniature sculpture, carved entirely by hand. The tank has then been paired with carefully selected high-grade Australian South Sea pearls and ethically sourced diamonds.

Both colour and space were meticulously considered; the final tank was the result of research into the aesthetic of Cold War era military technologies. The crushed elements of the design were carved and then smoothed to match and emulate the high-gloss mirror finish of Jeff Koons' balloon animals.



18ct gold, 0.243ct diamonds, South Sea Pearl


18ct yellow gold, 0.123ct Diamonds, South Sea Pearl


18ct yellow gold, 0.243ct diamonds, South Sea Pearl