"It submerges us. We organise it. It falls to pieces. We organise it again and fall to pieces ourselves."

-- Rilke 


Earr cuff
18ct yellow gold, 0.23ct diamonds
18ct blackened gold


18ct yellow gold, 0.325ct diamonds
18ct blackened gold


18ct yellow gold, 0.52ct diamonds
18ct blackened gold




Five pieces in 18ct yellow gold, handset with diamonds contouring each wing, five pieces in blackened 18ct gold.

Inspired by the designer’s childhood nightmares, Dystopia is an inquiry into how narrative devices are used to communicate society’s need to find harbingers, warnings and to identify the foreshadowing of darker times.

In each piece countless dystopian butterflies, a motif initially drawn from the collages of Surrealist artist Max Ernst are presented intersecting, superseding and overlapping with ruined architecture. 



To complement this disorder, the pieces are executed with restraint and, in its design language, the collection is resigned, reticent in tone, glorying only in craftsmanship - each piece is constructed
from individually crafted butterfly wings, which have been carefully arranged and assembled by hand to finish the jewellery.

The collection is presented in yellow gold and blackened gold as a device to mimic the illusionary bleakness contemporary anxieties project onto the future and the often- unsettling failure of societies to identify the circumstance in which those concerns are actually realised. 


18ct yellow gold, 0.186ct diamonds
18ct blackened gold


Ear stud
18ct yellow gold, 0.03ct diamonds
18ct blackened gold






Photography Lena C. Emery
Model Kailah Ng
Styling Luke Raymond
Hair Louis Ghewy
Make Up Nami Yoshida